Semalt Expert Explains What Trends In Web Design Are Outdated

The web design industry has been experiencing big changes, transforming the trends that were relevant in 2016. There is no wonder that many clients are looking for the latest versions of products, associating them with the high performance. Thus, the trends of 2016 has become old-fashioned in 2017.

Fifteen years ago, blackened background and animated GIF on the front page were commonly used. However, these tendencies were dismissed later as users could not take an advantage of these solutions. Potential abuse of web design resources negatively affects the performance of a business. For instance, businesses that has started on the onset of blackened background will not meet its goals such as the rate of conversions and the preferred number of subscriptions.

In many cases, dismissing web design tendencies do not remain unscathed. The leading expert of Semalt Digital Services, Max Bell gives a list of emerging web design trends and tendencies, which are about to be dismissed by web designers. However, these techniques can be put on hold to be used later during the course.

Subscription forms with tons of information

Subscription forms help visitors to subscribe to your page, which increases the conversion rate. Use simple forms to avoid losing visitors. In addition, consider asking for essential information only. The use of subscription forms that are simple to understand and easy to fill in is a strong tendency, however it may be ousted this year due to the emerging in web design.

Self-explanatory interface

Concentrating the most of information on your landing page is recommended in order to attract the attention of your visitors. Your interface should have a vivid description of your content. Lately the accent shifts towards having less content.

Moderation of pop-ups

In the web design industry, pop-ups are mostly used to promote content and to highlight a series of information. Pop-ups have low conversion rates as they are considered annoying. You can decide to be unique and moderate pop-ups. But pop-ups may go out of market this year as well as other web design tendencies introduced to the market. Pop-ups should be kept on hold as they may serve other purposes in future.

Front page conveyers

Setting up a lighter configuration on your site is always a great idea. Visitors who are using mobile devices face a lot of problems when trying to navigate through website's pages. In the majority of cases, it is not the first page that contains the most important information.

A lot of web design trends are about to disappear this year. Web design trends should be kept on hold as we may have an opportunity to use them appropriately later and take advantage of these tendencies.

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